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Born on a Monday. In the popular 19th century English fortune-telling nursery rhyme, children born on this day are fair of face. I would like to think I am fair in spirit. Fair on the inside.

This blog is about the simple notion of treating all in the universe with fairness. But more so about treating non-human animals with whom we should fairly and gracefully share this planet, with respect.

So here I am. My name is Christine and live in a suburb of Cape Town with a name meaning Corner of Peace. My purpose is to share with you my thoughts on speciesism, living as a vegan and being fulfilled as a child free career woman.

Yes, I have a day job. A demanding one at that. Ironically across the road from my office is a large meat market and I can see the dead animals being delivered whole (minus a head, skin and fur) or in pieces.

I cherish being at home hibernating, I am a curious reader, am addicted to onesies and patterned socks, enjoy being a pillion, smile at my two cats’ fascination with tap water and finally, adore my better half, my husband.

I cannot map this blog’s journey. I can however tell you that I am not going to delve into politics, electricity woes or pot-holes. If I am to do the world of non-human animals any justice, it is best to leave human sagas aside (unless there is an impact on non-humans). I may find a recipe here or there and share it with you, or a suitable place where a vegan can find something to eat but I am not a cook or connoisseur of beverages. My idea of a nourishing meal is a bowl of oats with soya milk. Now you understand!

Welcome to my unmapped journey.

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